Monroe Street (M125)

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Monroe Street is a unique reflection of more than 200 years of development, adaptation and growth. It is a cultural landscape that connects the community - from the oldest families to the newest residents; from the earliest French settlement to a period when the community, as a point of debarkation on Lake Erie, was poised for explosive growth; from elation as the hometown to a genuine war hero to the sorrow at his later demise - it's the story that's told along Monroe Street.

Driving, walking or cycling along Monroe Street provides visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy a mix of
residential, religious and commercial landmarks and structures, as well as natural resources such as the historic River Raisin, known by Native Americans as Numaseppee or River of Sturgeon.

Monroe Street represents this community's history and culture. It reflects man's impressions upon nature and his willingness to modify, reshape and in some cases completely redo what he found, resulting in the creation of a cultural landscape that is uniquely Monroe.

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